Nanakusa gayu recipe! How to make rice porridge with seven herbs

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It’s January 7th and the day of “Nanakusa gayu” in Japan!

Today I want to share a recipe for Nanakusa gayu here!

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Nanakusa gayu (rice porridge with seven herbs)

This is the “Nanakusa gayu” I made today.
Nanakusa gayu is rice porridge with seven herbs.

In Japan, we eat Nanakusa gayu to pray for good health on January 7th.
And you can find a package of seven herbs at supermarkets in this season.

Are you interested in the seven herbs?
Here’s the picture of the herbs.

Seven herbs for Nanakusagayu

I wrote about the seven herbs before, so please read this article if you are interested in each herb.

Recipe for Nanakusa gayu with rice cake

I made Nanakusa gayu with rice cake this year.
So I’d love to share the recipe.
(Even if you don’t have rice cake, don’t worry! It’s not essential.)

Ingredients (For 2 people)
Rice 180ml
Water 1200ml
Rice cake (If you want)
Umeboshi (If you have)

Recipe for Nanakusa gayu

Wash rice and put it into a pot with water and start cooking.

When it starts boiling, stir it softly from the bottom.

Put the lid over and leave a small space open and cook it on low heat. (You don’t need to close the lid firmly)


If you have rice cake, start cooking. (We used Yomogi-mochi)


Wash the seven herbs and cut them. (I usually don’t care the size)

In 30 or 40 minutes, after you start boiling the rice, it will be soft.
So put root vegetables first.


And add the other part of seven herbs.


Add the rice cake at the end, and it’s done!

Nanakusa gayu (rice porridge with seven herbs)

The taste is so simple.
So I recommend you to eat it with Umeboshi or Shio-kombu.

My husband and I ate them up very quickly.

I’m pretty sure we will have a healthy year because we ate this!
If you can get 7 herbs, please try this for your meal on January 7th.

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