Ume compote recipe! Japanese Ume dessert

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It is Kinako.

We have Ume trees at our vegetable field, and it’s harvest season.
And I’ve been busy with making Umeboshi lately.
But umeboshi is so delicate, and I only can use good condition ume.


I can’t use damaged Ume for Umeboshi because mold might appear from the damaged part.

So I decided to use some damaged ume for compote.

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Ume compote

This is the Ume compote I made.
I’m happy these damaged Ume transformed into dessert!

In Japan, some people use Ume compote for jelly, too.

Now I’m going to share Ume compote recipe.

Ingredient for Ume compote


Recipe for Ume compote

After you wash ume gently and dry them and get rid of stems, put them into a pot.
And put water to cover Ume and start boiling on low heat.




Drain the hot water after boiling Ume to remove the harsh taste. (Drain the hot water at least twice)


Remove the lye, too




Put sugar as much as you want and boil ume for 15 minutes.


If you have some damaged Ume, try to make dessert

Using damaged Ume for Umeboshi is too risky.
So if you have damaged one, please make dessert.

Compote is my recommendation.
Before you eat compote, please put it in the fridge for a while.
It would be more delicious!!


The scent of the Ume compote is similar to mocochinchi!!

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