Pork wrapped Onigiri recipe /Japanese food (Nikumaki onigiri)

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Hi! It’s Kinako!

My husband tried Japanese Pork wrapped Onigiri (Nikumaki onigiri) for the first time.
He did very well and his Nikumaki onigiri impressed me.

Today, I’m going to talk about Pork wrapped Onigiri and its recipe!

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What’s Pork wrapped onigiri (Nikumaki onigiri)?

Pork-wrapped onigiri is originally from an Izakaya in Miyazaki prefecture (Kyushu).
It was born as a meal prepared for employees.

When they used the pork-wrapped onigiri for customers, it was so popular!!
And they decided to open a store of that.

After that, the onigiri wrapped by sliced pork spread in other areas in Japan!

Recipe for Pork wrapped onigiri (Japanese Nikumaki Onigiri)

 Kinako <br><br>

I’m going to show you how to cook this!

Ingredients for Pork wrapped onigiri (Nikumaki onigiri)

Sliced pork
Soy sauce

How to cook Pork wrapped Onigiri (recipe)

Make onigiri.

Wrap the onigiri with sliced pork and put them in the frying pan and fry them.

Cook well until the color of the surface turns brownish.

When the pork is cooked well, removed them from the frying pan temporarily.

Put the seasonings into the frying pan and heat it.

When it starts boiling, put back the pork-wrapped onigiri into the frying pan again.

Sometimes move the onigiri to put sauce firmly.

Delicious Pork wrapped Onigiri “Nikumaki Onigiri”

Some people wrap an onigiri with two sliced pork.

My husband only used one sliced pork for one onigiri without breaking the pork.


Good Job, Azuki!!


Thank You!

Of course, the taste was VERY delicious!
The combination of Soy sauce and sugar is always great.

Nikumaki Onigiri is perfect for a picnic, too.


Your Nikumaki onigiri was amazing!
Please cook this again, Azuki!


Of course, I’d love to cook this again soon

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