Strawberry Daifuku recipe (How to make Japanese dessert Ichigo daifuku)

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It’s Kinako!
It’s getting warmer every day here in Japan.
I made Japanese dessert Ichigo Daifuku (Strawberry daifuku)
It was my first attempt at doing this dessert at home since I usually buy Ichigo Daifuku at the store.

Making daifuku was so much fun!
I will introduce how to make Ichigo Daifuku this time.

Here in Japan during spring we often eat Ichigo Daifuku

If you are interested in it give it a try!

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Ingredients for Strawberry Daifuku

Strawberries 6
Shiratamako(白玉粉) 200g
Sugar 40g
Cranberry juice 200ml
Water 60ml
Red bean paste(あん) 200-250g
potato starch(片栗粉)a little

How to make Ichigo daifuku (Strawberry daifuku recipe)

Put Shiratamako into a pot and add sugar, cranberry juice, and water.

Put the pot over the fire and start stirring it.

Keep stirring.

If it’s so heavy and sticky, turn off the fire.(This is called “Gyuhi”)

Spread potato starch on a plate and put some on your hands. Divide it into 6 equal parts. Cover red bean paste with Gyuhi.

Cut the top part of daifuku and put a strawberry in it.

I used Cranberry juice for the pink color

The reason why I used Cranberry juice is that I wanted to make pink-colored Strawberry Daifuku.
But this is not mandatory.
The color doesn’t need to be pink.
So if you don’t care about the color, you don’t have to use juice.
Just put sugar and 260ml water instead!

And even if you want pink color, it doesn’t need to be cranberry juice.
Strawberry juice, Pomegranate juice, anything is okay!

A happy day with Strawberry daifuku and my hubby

When I started preparing for Strawberry daifuku, I noticed that we’re out of potato starch.

The potato starch is a super important item for this.
(Without it, forming the daifuku into a round shape is almost impossible because it’s very, very sticky!)

I didn’t have the potato starch, so my hubby changed his clothes and left for the nearest convenience store to buy it! I was very happy when he came back here, potato starch!

We ate Strawberry Daifuku together, and it was a very happy moment.
I’m happy my hubby enjoyed my first strawberry daifuku today.

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