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How to clean the sand out of clams and cook Japanese Osuimono

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We cooked Japanese osuimono using clams today.

I remember I didn’t see clams at the local supermarkets in New York. The variety of seafood available was limited there in most places.
This time, I want to write about how to clean the sand out of the clams.
I will write about “osuimono” as well!

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How to clean the sand out of clams

In the beginning, the water in the package is not so clear because the clams still contain some sea sand and mud.

To prepare make saline solution (2% salt) and add clams in it.

Leave it for more than 1 hour.
While you are waiting, the clams get rid of the sand inside them.

Change the water and rinse the clams with your hands gently.

How to cook Japanese clam osuimono

Boil water in a pot.

Put clams into boiling water.

You can add vegetables. (Leek and Nanohana and Mitsuba are my recommendation)
When the clams are being boiled and open then you will know it has finished cooking them. It’s that easy.

Put some soy sauce.

Be careful with broken shell and sand

Sometimes you can find broken small parts of shell or sand at the bottom of the pot.

When you find them, don’t eat them!
Please be careful when you are enjoying the soup, too!

We used Komatsuna for Japanese clams osuimono

Clam osuimono is so delicious with leek or Nanohana or Mitsuba.
But this time, we were out of those vegetables.
So we used Komatsuna.
Clam osuimono with Komatsuna was not bad at all!
Komatsuna is a Japanese vegetable, and you might be able to find it at a Japanese store.
If you live in Japan, you can find this vegetable at any supermarket.

I guess Kale is also tasty in osuimono!
I hope you enjoy osuimono one day.

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