Umeboshi Doyoboshi | Drying Ume in the sunlight

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The last step of making Umeboshi is “Doyoboshi”.
Now I’m drying Umeboshi in the sunlight.

This step is a bit of a hassle, but it’s very important.

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Why do you need to dry the Umeboshi in the sunlight?

When the rainy season is over, you need to do “Doyoboshi”.

Doyoboshi is drying Umeboshi in the sunlight for 3-4 days in the “Doyo(土用)” period.


There are Doyo periods 4 times a year, and Summer Doyo in 2021 is July 19th to August 6th.

Doyoboshi is to kill the germs with sunlight’s rays and make Umeboshi last longer.

Not only Umeboshi.
Japanese people have been drying some foods and also some items such as books, Tatami, Kimono, etc. during this season.


People have been doing this to take care of items.

In Umeboshi’s case, you need to choose a sunny 3-4 days in Doyo period.
I checked the weather forecast and chose the days!

Let’s dry Umeboshi in the sunlight!

For Doyoboshi, you need “Zaru” or net to put Umeboshi.

You can buy Zaru on the internet!

But what I used was not Zaru.
On this occasion, we used a net!

Using net to dry vegetables is useful!

If you live in an apartment, spreading all the umeboshi into a Zaru might be difficult.

But don’t worry.
If you use a net for Hoshiyasai, you can do “Doyoboshi” with no problem.

You just need to put Umeboshi in the net and hang it outside on the veranda!

You don’t need a big space!!

Putting Umeboshi on the net

Get the Ume sinking on the bottom and put them on the net or Zaru.



Please try to place each Ume with some distance.


Treat them very gently.



I finished putting all the Ume.

Hang Umeboshi outside

I hung the Ume in the veranda to dry.

You can leave it from morning to nighttime.


For the sudden rain, I bring it inside at night.

Please flip them over at least a few times a day.




Please do this for 3 or 4 days!

After you dried Ume in the sunlight for 3-4 days, you can put Umeboshi back in a container.


Or you can put Umeboshi into the big container with Umezu and shiso.

It will be tastier!!

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