Yuzu miso recipe | For rice/potato/Tofu/Oden

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We got some Yuzu the other day.
It’s Yuzu season (winter season) and I decided to make Yuzu miso this time.

In this article, I show you how to make Yuzu miso!

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What’s Yuzu miso?

Yuzu miso is a popular food in winter in Japan.
It’s miso which is boiled down with Sugar, Mirin, Sake, and Yuzu.

This Yuzu miso is so tasty and perfect for different foods.
You can use this for rice, potato, oden, Tofu, Dengaku, Furofuki Daikon, Saikyo yaki (fish)…etc.
Some people use this for spaghetti, chicken.

Also, if you want to use this Yuzu miso as dressing, you just need to add vinegar and oil.
Then it will be “Yuzu miso dressing”.


Adding mayonnaise is so delicious, too.

Recipe for Yuzu miso

Ingredients for Yuzu miso

Yuzu 2
Miso 5 tablespoons (Mugi miso 3, Aka miso 2)
Brown sugar, 4 tablespoons
Sake 1 tablespoon
Mirin 5 tablespoon

Recipe for Yuzu miso

Put all the seasonings into a pot.


Grate the peel of Yuzu. If you want to enjoy the texture of the Yuzu peel, you can shred some part of the peel, too. And squeeze the juice as well.


I love feeling the taste of yuzu, so I shred skin and use them.


Add the half amount of Yuzu first.


Start cooking on low heat. Keep stirring!


In 3-4 minutes, add the rest of the Yuzu peel and juice and keep boiling down.


When the liquid became harder, it’s done!

For people who don’t like the bitter taste of Yuzu

Citrus peel has a bitter taste.
I love the taste and I shred the peel to feel the taste more.

But if you don’t like the bitter taste too much, just use the grated peel.
Then the taste would be milder.


If you don’t have time to cook, you can buy Yuzu miso online.

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