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Shimenawa| Making handmade Japanese New Year decorations

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In your country, do you use decorations for New Year?
In Japan, we decorate “Shimenawa”.

Now I’m making handmade Shimenawa every day!


Please take a look!!

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I got some Shimenawa ropes for New Year

These are “Shimenawa rope”.
I don’t have the material and I decided to buy this.


Genarally the material of Shimenawa is “Inawara”.

Inawara is rice sheath

I already have Shimenawa ropes and I just need to put some decorations on them.
I decided to sew flowers of “Ume” to decorate.

Tsumami zaiku for Shimenawa

I’m sewing a lot of flowers using the way called “Tsumami zaiku”.
Tsumami zaiku is a “Pinching craft”.

Japan has had this tradition since 200 years ago.

Recently, people don’t sew, and they use glue.
But I usually sew a lot of petals, and I only use glue when I make flowers with the petals.

This is how I make flowers.

Choosing the color…


Measure the size of the fabric and cut it into squares.


Sew five petals and put them together.


Make flower core with some accessories and done!

Decorating Shimenawa with Tsumami zaiku flowers and other items

When I bought Shimenawa ropes, I got some decoration items, too.
Nanten (pants with red fruits), Urajiro (leaves), Mizuhiki (strings)…


I usually put some items and check the balance before I tie them.

If you decide on the design, you can tie them firmly.

Now I already finished making 3 Shimenawa.
So please take a look!!

Handmade Shimenawa (Japanese New Year decoration)

Shimenawa with Urajiro, Nanten and 5 Tsumamizaiku flowers of Ume.



Different shapes of Shimenawa with Urajiro, Mizuhiki, boll, 3 Tsumamizaiku Ume flowers.



Shimenawa with Nanten, Mizuhiki, 3 Tsumamizaiku Ume flowers.


I’m still working on another Shimenawa.
Sewing the Ume flower takes a lot of time!!
But I’d love to keep making many handmade Shimanawa for 2022.

When I have more, I will share the pictures here again!

Add:Now I’m trying to make Shimenawa wreath, too!

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