Japanese Sake with a Kimono label is popular (Kokki Kimono obi series)

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If you are a Japanese Sake lover, this article is for you!
I’d LOVE to introduce an especial Sake this time.

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Japanese Sake with a Kimono label (Kokki Kimono obi series)

These are the Japanese sake I want to introduce to you this time.

These are called the ”Kokki Kimono obi series”.
Sake bottles are wrapped by “Nishijin-ori(にしじんおり)”. 
Nishijin-ori is usually used for Kimono Obi.

Sake bottle with the Nishijin-ori label is rare, and it’s been a hot topic lately.
It seems that this Sake is getting popular in foreign countries as well.

Each feature of Kokki kimono obi series (Japanese Sake)

This “Kokki kimono obi series” has 5 different tastes.
So I will introduce each one.

Kimono obi series RED

Polishing Rate:75%
Ingredients:Rice, Rice Koji, Brewing Alcohol

This has a wonderful fruity scent, mild taste, and fresh acidity.
You will not get tired of this Sake even if you drink this every night.

Kimono obi series BEIGE

Polishing Rate:70%
Ingredients:Rice, Rice Koji

This Sake has a fruity scent, comfortable acidity, and sweetness of the rice and malted rice.
You can enjoy this Sake with a lot of different types of food.

Kimono obi series DARK RED

Polishing Rate:50%
Ingredients:Rice, Rice Koji

It has a fruity scent like lychee or muscat.
You can enjoy the mild sweetness and acidity at the same time.

Kimono obi series PURPLE

Polishing Rate:50%
Ingredients: Rice, Rice Koji

The balance of clear ”Ginjo” scent, fresh sweetness, acidity is great.
Enjoy the elegant taste.

Kimono obi series BLACK

Polishing Rate:50%
Ingredients:Rice, Rice Koji, Brewing Alcohol

You can enjoy this Sake with many types of foods.
It has a gentle fruity scent and clear taste.

Unique and impressive Sake Kokki Kimono obi series

This Sake is made by Kokki shuzo(sake brewery) .
Kokki shuzo is in Shimane prefecture and they have been making delicious Sake since 1874.

Kimono obi series is their new product, and they released this series in September 2021.
As soon as they announced this product, this became a hot topic!

I am also the one who fell in love with this Kimono fit, looks gorgeous and very beautiful.

I think this Sake is perfect for a gift or a souvenir!


I want to get this for us, too!

Online store for Kokki Kimono Obi series in Japan

If you live in Japan, you can get this Sake in Rakuten.

This one is sold in a set of five.
You can enjoy each taste.

In this store, they sell the Kimono Obi series separately as well.

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