Yuzu jam recipe| For Yuzu tea/Yogurt/Bread/Chicken

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It’s Kinako.

I made Yuzu jam today.

Yuzu usually gets bad in 2 weeks.
But if you do Yuzu jam, it will last more!

Here’s the recipe!

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Yuzu jam recipe

Ingredients for Yuzu jam

Yuzu 2
Brown sugar 140g

Recipe for Yuzu jam

Shred the Yuzu peel.


Squeeze the juice and cut yuzu flesh and put everything together into a pot.
(don’t forget to remove the seeds)


Prepare sugar and add it to the pot.

I usually don’t put too much sugar, but if you like, you can add more sugar.
To make the jam last longer, you can put the same weight of sugar as Yuzu.


Start cooking on low heat. Keep stirring.


Boil down until the liquid becomes harder.



Yuzu jam for Yuzu tea/Yogurt/Bread/Chicken

You can use this jam for many foods.
My recommendation is Yuzu tea.
You just need to put Yuzu jam and hot water and stir them together.

Of course, you can use the jam for other foods, too.
Yogurt, bread, cake, and Chicken…

Please enjoy Yuzu jam a lot!

We already enjoyed Yuzu tea a few times!

Yuzu tea with Yuzu jam

For Yuzu tea, you only need two things, Yuzu and hot water.
Maybe you are thinking, “Yuzu and hot water? It’s not tea at all!”.

It’s true.
Strictly speaking, it’s not tea.

But we call it “Yuzu-cha(Yuzu tea)”.

My favorite part is its peel.
It’s so tasty!

Try Yuzu jam when you get Yuzu.

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