Warabi tempura soba with kakiage (Homemade)

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Hi, it’s Kinako again!

Spring wild vegetable “Warabi” season is almost over, but we enjoyed it a lot!
This time, I’d love to talk about the Warabi tempura soba we cooked.

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Preparing for Sansai soba using Warabi

First, prepare Dashi soup (fish stock).
I used Konbu, Niboshi, Katsuobushi for the fish stock.

When the fish stock is done, prepare Warabi.

I used the fish stock a little.
In a different pot, I put the fish stock and some soy sauce and boiled Warabi for a while.

You don’t need to cook soba yet, but prepare them on the table.

For this food, please use delicious soba.
This time I used soba from Hokkaido. (So delicious!)

Before you cook soba, let’s prepare tempura, too!

Cook Warabi tempura and Kakiage

Usually, I don’t use “tempura-ko (flour for tempura)”.

My way is super simple, what I use are flour and water.
I don’t measure, either.

Cover Warabi with flour.

I don’t want to use too much oil, so I only put 3 cm from the bottom.


Please flip them sometimes!

Warabi tempura is ready!

Next is Kakiage!
This time, I used carrot, onion, shungiku, leek.


I cut the leek!!

 Kinako <br><br>

Good job!

While you are cooking Kakiage, please start boiling soba.
And when soba is cooked, please decorate soba with warabi and tempura.

Sansai soba with Warabi tempura and Kakiage is ready!!

Now, this is called “Sansai soba”.

Soba with Warabi, leek and Aburaage.
This looks so tasty already, but we also put tempura too!!


Here’s Warabi tempura and sansai soba!!

Finally, we did Tempura & Sansai soba!!

This was super delicious!!
Homemade Tempura soba was amazing.


Really amazing soba!!


Yes Delicious I ate so much of it I’m Onaka Ippai

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