Sakura mochi recipe | Japanese cherry blossoms dessert

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I made Japanese spring dessert “Sakura mochi”.
Sakura mochi is a typical Japanese dessert in spring.

I usually buy it at supermarkets, but this time I wanted to make it from scratch.
So I’d love to share the recipe here.

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Sakura mochi is cherry blossoms dessert in Japan

This is Sakura mochi.

We love eating this in spring.
Sakura mochi is a Cherry blossom-flavored dessert.

Enjoy Sakura mochi and feel spring!

Ingredients for Sakura mochi (For 5 people)

Salt pickled cherry blossom leaf 5
Domyojiko (Domyoji powder) 110g
Anko (Red bean paste)
Strawberry juice 70ml
Water 130ml

Recipe for Sakura mochi

What you need to do is

  1. Make Anko (red bean paste)
  2. Rinse off the salt from Cherry blossom leaves
  3. Make mochi and wrap the Anko with that
  4. Cover the Sakura mochi with Cherry blossom leaves


Let’s check each step!

Make Anko (red bean paste)

I made Anko using red beans.
But it takes time.
If you already have red bean paste products, you can use them.

If you want to try to make Anko from scratch, here’s the recipe.

Anko | How to make red bean paste from red beans (Azuki)
If you have a product of dried red bean (Azuki), you can make your own Anko (red bean paste).I made Anko the other day a...

If you want to buy Anko, you can buy it on Rakuten.

Salt pickled cherry blossom leaf (Sakura leaves shiozuke)

We use salt pickled cherry blossom leaf for Sakura mochi.

Sakura mochi is wrapped with salt pickled cherry blossom leaf, and it has the good scent of cherry blossoms.

I made salt pickled cherry blossom leaf last year, and here’s the recipe.

Salt pickled cherry blossom leaf recipe (Sakura leaves shiozuke)
Today I am going to show you how to make "Sakura no ha no shiozuke".That's salt pickled cherry blossom leaf. Salt pickle...

But if you can’t get cherry blossom leaves, you can buy the product.

Before you use salt pickled cherry blossom leaf, you need to rinse off the salt.
It’s easy.
You just need to soak the leaves in water for 30-40 minutes.


And after that, dry them or wipe them with kitchen paper.

Make mochi with Domyojiko

Put Domyojiko and water and juice into a heat-proof container.


The reason why I use strawberry juice is for the pink color.
If you like, you can use a food coloring agent instead.
In that case, put 1 cup water.


Leave it for 15 minutes.


Heat it in a microwave. (600w, 7 minutes)

Mochi is done!

Wrap Anko with mochi

Devide mochi into five pieces.


Make five Anko balls.


Wrap the Anko balls with mochi.

I didn’t want my hands to become sticky, I used plastic wrap instead.


Cover the Sakura mochi with Cherry blossom leaves. Done!

Sakura mochi is Japanese dessert in spring

I’m glad that my family enjoyed my homemade Sakura mochi.
I hope you will enjoy Sakura mochi, too!

By the way, a lot of Japanese people eat the Sakura leaves, too.
This time, all my family members ate the leaves.
Even if you are not sure to eat it, don’t worry!
Sakura mochi already has a cherry blossom scent.

Enjoy spring with Sakura mochi!

You can buy Sakura mochi online, as well.

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