Shiokoji recipe | Making Shiokoji from Kome koji

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I made “Shiokoji” from Komekoji.
It’s super easy to make Shiokoji.
So I’d love to share the recipe with you!

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Get Kome koji

Here is Kome koji.
It looks a bit gross because of its looks.

But don’t worry.
This white fluffy thing is mycelium.

How to make Shiokoji from Komekoji (recipe)

Break the Komekoji into smaller pieces.


Add the salt and stir it well with your hand.


Add water to it and stir it.


Leave it at room temperature without closing the lid firmly.
Please stir it every day.


In two weeks, Shiokoji is done! (One week in summer)

After this, close the lid and put the container into a fridge. (You don’t need to stir it anymore)

You can use this for cooking!

Use Shio Koji for your daily cooking

Shiokoji makes meat tender and tasty and…very healthy!!!
Enjoy your Shio-koji life!

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