Renkon chips | Easy & tasty lotus root recipe

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Have you ever seen Renkon (lotus root) at the supermarket?
If you can get Renkon, I want you to try my favorite food.
It’s “Renkon chips”.

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Renkon chips is super easy and tasty

If you don’t know how to cook Renkon (lotus root), I recommend you to do Renkon chips.

Renkon chips are super easy and super delicious.
This is my husband’s favorite!
Once you start eating this, I’m sure you can’t stop!

Even if you don’t cook a lot, don’t worry.
Renkon chips are so easy. You just need to fry them.
You don’t need special cookware, either.
You can use your frying pan.

Now I’m going to share the super easy recipe.

Recipe for Renkon (lotus root) chips

Renkon (lotus root)

How to make Renkon chips

Remove the skin of Renkon and cut.


Renkon doesn’t need to be too thin. I like this thickness.


Put some oil into a pan and put Renkon in it.


Fry them on low-medium heat.


Flip them over from time to time to avoid burning the Renkon.


Keep frying until the moisture of Renkon disappear and is crunchy!



Enjoy the easy and tasty Renkon chips!

Now you can enjoy crunchy Renkon chips.
If you like, you can put some salt, but it’s so delicious without salt, too.

All you have to do is remove the Renkon skin and cut and fry!
It takes a very long time until the moisture of Renkon disappears, but please be patient.

I hope you will try this recipe soon!

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