Setsubun! Making Ehomaki and enjoying Mamemaki

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February 3rd was “Setsubun” in Japan.
My husband and I enjoyed Setsubun this year.
I’d love to share our experience here.

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What we did for Setsubun 2022

Making Ehomaki

This is a picture of when I was making an Ehomaki with my mother.

This year, we put my favorite ingredients.
Carrot, Shiitake, Chikuwa, Mitsuba, Koyadofu, Cucumber…

Here’s the picture of this year’s Ehomaki!

I’m happy that my husband enjoyed it!


These are the beans for Mamemaki (bean throwing event).
And Oni mask, too.

You might think throwing beans and eating them is not hygienic.
But don’t worry!

The beans are protected by small plastic bags in most of the products.

They are safe inside a small bag!

By the way, generally, beans for Mamemaki are soybeans.
My husband really loves soybeans, and he enjoyed eating them!

Setsubun dessert

This is Setsubun dessert my mother bought for us.
This type of dessert is called “Nerikiri”.
The main ingredient is “A (bean paste)”

It’s sweet, cute, and tasty.

Look at the cute Oni shape!
I felt so sorry to eat them!


But they were so tasty!

Setsubun 2022 was so much fun!

We enjoyed Setsubun a lot!
I’m very sure this year will be an amazing one!


I hope your 2022 will be a great year, too

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