Gyoza recipe | Making homemade potstickers from skin

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Hi, it’s Kinako!

I cooked Gyoza (potsticker)!

I usually buy Gyoza skins at a supermarket.
But this time I made the skins from scratch.

Making Gyoza skins was not difficult!

So even if you can’t find Gyoza skins at a supermarket, don’t worry.
You can make skins if you have flour and hot water.

Now I’m going to write how to cook Gyoza step by step.

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Gyoza recipe! Making potstickers skin

(Ingredients for Gyoza skin)

flour 180g
Hot water 80ml

Put the flour into a bowl.

Add hot water little by little.

Stir it with chopsticks.

Knead the dough well until you see no traces of flour.

Cover it with a plastic bag and leave it for more than 30 minutes.
(I left it for 1 hour)

Put the dough in a flat place and spread it with a rolling pin.
(When it’s too sticky, put some flour or potato starch!)

When the dough is so thin, cut out circle shapes.
(I think cup or glass are convenient)

To avoid the Gyoza skins going dry while you are making them, cover the Gyoza skins with a plastic wrap or put them inside a new plastic/Ziploc bag until filling is ready!

Preparing Gyoza filling

Chinese chive 50g
Cabbage 30g
Komatsuna 20g
Garlic 1 piece
Minced pork 160g
Soy sauce
1 teaspoon

This time, I used these ingredients.

But you can put any kind of vegetable of your choice!


For example, Chinese cabbage, onion, leek, ginger, mushrooms, etc…

(How to make the filling)

Chop the vegetables into small pieces.

Put vegetables and minced pork and soy sauce into a bowl, mix them very well.

Cover the filling with Gyoza skins

Put the filling in the middle of the Gyoza skin.

Fold the skin and make pleats.

Fry the Gyoza on a frying pan or electric griddle and cover with a lid.

Prepare hot water (40ml).

When the bottom part turns brownish, pour hot water (40ml) into the frying pan and cover the lid again.

Fry for 5~10 minutes on low heat.

When the hot water disappears, open the cover lid and fry on high heat for a short while.

Here they are!

My Homemade Gyoza (Potstickers)

My favorite Gyoza sauce

I always eat Gyoza with “Sujoyu”.

It’s super easy!
You just mix soy sauce and vinegar (1:1).

Simple and tasty.
You can add a little lemon juice if you like as well.

Homemade Gyoza (potsticker) is easy and tasty!

Wrapping the filling with the skin might take time if you never did this before, but you’ll get used to it soon!

Look at this picture.

The gyoza in this picture with an arrow pointed at it is wrapped by my husband, Azuki.

 Kinako <br>

His gyoza is so cute!!


Thank You. My gyoza looks more like a mini empanada. It has the empanada style!

Homemade gyoza is healthy and tasty.
And you can be very satisfied.

This time, I introduced “fried” gyoza.
But you can put gyoza in soup, too.

I hope you will add this recipe to your favorites!

This is popular Gyoza online!

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