Goya Champuru recipe! Stir-fried bitter melon (nigauri)

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I never saw the vegetable “bitter melon” in New York, but it’s popular in Japan.
Especially in Okinawa and they eat this vegetable daily.
In Japan, bitter melon is called “Goya” or “Nigauri”.

I’m not from Okinawa, but my family and I like Goya!

This time I’d like to talk about Goya.

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What does Goya (bitter melon) look like?

This is bitter melon.
As I said, we call it “Goya” or “Nigauri” in Japan.

Bitter melon has peculiar look with protrusion.

Stir-fried Bitter melon (Goya Champuru)

This is stir-fried bitter melon we often eat.
In Japan, the name of this food is “Goya champuru”.

Of course, bitter melon is bitter, but so delicious at the same time.
Besides, bitter melon gives you energy.

Once you enjoy the taste, you will love it!

Ingredients for stir-fried bitter melon (Goya Champuru)

Bitter melon 1
Egg 3
Soy sauce or salt
Katsuobushi if you have

Recipe for stir-fried bitter melon (Goya Champuru)

Cut the bitter melon in half.




Remove the inside with a spoon.



Slice the bitter melon.



Put some oil on a frying pan and stir-fry the bitter melon.



When the bitter melon is cooked, add eggs.



Stir-fry them.



Put some soy sauce or salt and done!


If you have Katsuobushi, please put some!

Goya Champuru is popular in Okinawa

This ” Goya Champuru” is well known as food in Okinawa.

My parents learned this simple recipe when they visited Okinawa around 35 years ago.
(At that time, bitter melon was not known in mainland Japan)

Nowadays, you can find bitter melon in any kind of supermarket in Japan and people enjoy the vegetable.

Today I introduce a super simple recipe, but you can add other ingredients, too.
For example, Tofu, Spam, sliced pork, etc…

In the end, I’d like to show you my parents’ bitter melon.

They are growing bitter melon in their front yard.
Now it’s so tiny, but I hope it will grow well!

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