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What I missed a lot when I was living in a foreign country was “Tatami”.

Tatami is a Japanese-style floor made of plants.
Even if you have never been to Japan, you might have seen it in Japanese dramas or movies.

Recently, some new style houses don’t have Tatami, but you can get Tatami mat at stores!


Today’s topic is the Tatami mat!

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What’s Tatami made of?

This is a picture of a Japanese style house.
And the floor is called “Tatami”.

Since the Nara period or Heian period, the Japanese have been using this.

By the way, do you know what’s Tatami made of?

Tatami is made of the plant called “Igusa(いぐさ)”.
This is igusa plant.

Tatami is knitted with Igusa.


I LOVE the scent of Igusa. So relaxing!

For Tatami lover! There are Igusa (Tatami) mats

Japanese old houses always had Tatami.
But modern-style houses built lately sometimes don’t have Tatami room.

For example, our apartment doesn’t have Tatami, either.

So even if you live in Japan, it doesn’t mean you can have a Tatami life.

But don’t worry.
You can get “Igusa mat” instead.

Take a look at this picture.
This is the Igusa mat/ Igusa rug.

Even if you don’t have Tatami room in your apartment, you can have a “Tatami life” with Igusa mat.

I love laying down on this Igusa mat and take a nap.
The smell of Igusa is super comfortable, and it makes me so relaxed.




Sitting on the Igusa mat and eating wagashi is my happiness.

You can get Igusa mat online

Of course, maybe you can buy an Igusa mat in your neighborhood.
You can find it at big supermarkets or shopping centers, stores that have home items might sell it.

But carrying the Igusa mat to your house is not easy.

So I recommend you to use online stores.

For example, you can buy the Igusa mat at Rakuten.


If you want a thick Igusa mat, I recommend this one! ↓


There are a lot of Igusa products.
I hope you can find your favorite!

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