Tsumami zaiku Kanzashi| Handmade Japanese accessories using Chirimen

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Recently I haven’t made any accessories, but I used to make Japanese style accessories.
I usually used a special fabric called “Chirimen”.

Handmade objects made by Chirimen are called “Chirimen zaiku”.


Today, I’m talking about Chirimen zaiku!!

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What’s Tsumami zaiku?

This is “Tsumami zaiku”.
It means “pinching craft”.

The reason for the name “Tsumami zaiku” is because it’s a craft you pinch and fold and make some shapes.

This is a picture of Kanzashi (hair accessories), but Tsumami zaiku is not the only accessories.

You can find decorations, too.

This is the Chirimen fabric for Tsumami Zaiku

This is the fabric called “Chirimen”.
When I do “Tsumami zaiku”, I always use this Chirimen fabric.

This fabric stretches a little and is easy to treat.


The history of Chirimen is so long, and it has been lasting more than 300 years.

There are a lot of colors and patterns.

Now I’m going to show you some Chirimen zaiku I did in the past.

Kanzashi (Japanese hair accessories) made of Chirimen

These are my first Tsumami zaiku.
I used Chirimen fabric with a pattern.

I was not used to making parts, but I was satisfied when I finished these accessories.



I started using Chirimen fabric with no pattern.



The left one is a three-dimensional shape.
I like it, but it’s a little difficult to carry because it’s fragile.

Yukata Obi decoration made of Chirimen

This is Obijime. (decoration for obi).
I used this when I went to the summer festival with my friend.

Because the Obi was simple, this Obijime helped a lot!

Kinchaku (small bag) and Otedama made of Chirimen

I made a colorful Kinchaku for my mother’s birthday.
I did this in 2013 or 2014, and I think I can do much better now.

I also did Otedama using Chirimen fabric, too.
Otedama is the Japanese version of juggling.

I will try New Year decoration this year!

I noticed that I never tried New Year decoration with Chirimen fabric.
I’ve been a bit busy and I haven’t done Chirimen zaiku for a while, but I feel like starting it again soon.

When I do something again, I will write about it!

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