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Fried rice with sweet potato (satsumaimo) and tuna recipe

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My husband cooked fried rice with sweet potato the other day and it was so delicious!
So let me introduce his recipe.

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Use purple sweet potato (satsumaimo) for the fried rice

There are orange-colored sweet potatoes. He uses the purple ones, because the orange-colored one has too much moisture, and it’s a bit difficult to use for the fried rice.

So please use the purple sweet potato (satsumaimo).

Recipe for fried rice with Sweet potato (satsumaimo)


Rice 2 bowls of rice
Sweet potato (satsumaimo) 1
Canned tuna 1
Leek 1
Black pepper

How to cook Sweet potato fried rice

Mince the sweet potato and the onion and fry them in a pan.



When the sweet potato is cooked, add rice, tuna, and leek.



Stir them well into the frying pan and everything is mixed, it’s done!
Put some salt and pepper.

Fried rice with sweet potato and tuna was so amazing!

To tell you the truth, I never tried fried rice with the sweet potato until my husband cooked.
In Japan, we usually put sweet potatoes into the rice cooker when we prepare rice.
So eating this way was the first time for me.

But this fried rice surprised me because it was so delicious.
The balance of the sweet potato and the tuna and rice was perfect, and I asked him to cook again!


He cooked the same fried rice for the next meal!

It’s the satsumaimo season here in Japan.
So if you have sweet potato and canned tuna and rice, please try this recipe.

I’m sure kids love this, too!

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