Higanbana| Red Spider Lily has many scary names in Japan

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It’s Red Spider Lily season.
In Japan, we call the flower “Higanbana”.

Higanbana is known as a dangerous flower.
But I love Higanbana!

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Does Red spider Lily bring fire if you bring it to your house?

When I was a kid, I heard the superstition that a fire break out if you bring Red spider Lily to your house. Old people were saying that.

Of course, it’s just superstition, and it can’t happen, but still, now some people believe it’s an ominous flower.

One reason is the looks of the flower–the unique shape and the burning red color.
And another reason is that the red spider lily has poison.
Flower, leaves, stem, bulb… each of the parts has poison and if you eat it, it will cause vomit, diarrhea, respiratory failure, convulsion, etc.

So now I know adult people were saying that superstition to keep children away from the red spider lily.


Higanbana(red spider lily) is used for some horror games or movies, too.

Spider Lily has different scary names in Japan

Have you ever heard that ”Higanbana”(Red spider lily)has different names in Japan?
Because that flower is known as a dangerous and ominous flower, different names are so terrible.

Soshikibana(そうしきばな)…funeral flower
Shibitobana(しびとばな)…dead person flower
Kajibana(かじばな)…fire flower
Hakabana(はかばな)…graveyard flower
Jigokubana(じごくばな)…hell flower
Yuureibana(ゆうれいばな)…ghost flower
Hebinohana(へびのはな)…snake flower
Kitsunebana(きつねばな)…fox flower
Dokubana(どくばな)…poison flower
Yakubyobana(やくびょうばな)…plague flower

I only wrote 10 examples, but more than 1000 “different names” exist in Japan.
Most of the names sound scary!

We went to Red spider Lily (Higanbana) field

I know some people don’t like Higanbana, but I like it.
Especially my husband had a strong interest in red spider lily this year, we went to Higanbana field!

The timing was perfect, and we saw a lot of Higanbana.


They were so beautiful!!

You can buy Higanbana bulbs online

If you live in Japan, you can buy Red spider lily’s bulbs online.
Here’s the link.

This product contains 10 bulbs of Higanbana.
At this store, you can find more flowers.

When you plant the flowers, be careful not to touch your mouth!!


Wash your hands very well if you had contact with this flower.


Just enjoy seeing its beauty and don’t touch It!

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