Tsukimi | Enjoying the moon with dango in Japan (Jugoya/Jusanya)

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Have you heard about “Tsukimi”?
It’s Japanese culture to enjoy the moon.

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What’s Tsukimi? What’s Jugoya and Jusanya?

“Tsukimi” is the custom to enjoy staring at the moon.
(We usually add “o” in the beginning and say “Otsukimi (お月見)”.)

In Japan, people have been enjoying the moon since the Jomon period.

“Jugoya” and “Jusanya” are the days the moon looks so beautiful.
Both are from the lunar calendar.

Jugoya is in September (August 15th in the Lunar calendar)and people were enjoying the moon and wishing for the coming harvest season.
Jusanya is in October (September 13-14 in the Lunar calendar).
It is the season people finished harvesting rice and appreciated the harvest to the moon.


Jugoya custom came from China, but Jusanya started in Japan.

Depends on the year, but Jugoya in 2021 is September 21st and Jusanya would be October 18th.

Tsukimi Dango

We eat “Dango” for Osukimi.


We call it ”Tsukimi dango” or “Otsukimi dango”.

Today I did some Dango to enjoy the moon with my husband, too.





Eating tsukimi dango and looking at the beautiful moon is so wonderful.

Tsukimi Zake

Some people enjoy the moon with Sake.

I heard that old people enjoyed the moon reflected on the sake.
I never tried ”Tsukimi zake” before, but I’m interested in it!

For that, I’d love to get cool Shuki!

Enjoy “Otsukimi” in Jugoya and Jusanya

I hope you can enjoy Otsukimi this year.
I will make Otsukimi dango for Jusanya, too.

By the way, you can buy “Tsukimi burger” during Fall (Autumn) at McDonald’s.
(That product is available for a limited time only.)

So if you are in Japan and interested in a Tsukimi burger, try it!

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