What’s Doyo no ushi no hi? It’s Eel day in Japan

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Have you ever heard the word “Doyo no Ushi no hi”?
Today I’m going to talk about “Doyo no ushino hi”.

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Doyo no ushi no hi is “Eel day” in Japan

In Japan, we have “Doyo no ushi no hi”.
That’s a period of time in the Japanese lunisolar calendar.

We have “Doyo no ushi no hi” 4times a year.

Japanese people eat Eel on Doyo no ushi no hi only in the summer time.

And it doesn’t mean “Beef day on Saturday”.

Why do Japanese eat eel in Doyo no ushi no hi?

Can you imagine the reason why Japanese people eat Eel in Doyo no ushi no hi?

Eel is a very nutritious meal with a lot of vitamin B groups.
So people say eels can protect you from the summer heat.

And also eels are good to recover from fatigue!


Summer in Japan is really tough because of the high humidity!


But have you ever heard about the beginning of “Eel eating culture in Doyo no ushi no hi”?


This culture started in the Edo period.

One owner of the Eel store was facing financial difficulties because people didn’t buy eel in the summer.
So he asked a scholar “Gennai Hiraga” for some advice.

Hiraga suggested the eel store owner to put a notice saying “Today is doyo no ushi no hi” on the door, and he followed the advice.

Then the store got a lot of customers, and other eel stores started the same thing.


That’s the beginning of the “Doyo no ushi no hi culture”.

When is Doyo no ushi no hi in 2021? Where to buy?

Summer Doyo no ushi no hi in 2021 is on July 28.

Around the day, you will see a lot of Eel at supermarkets.
Of course, you can buy eel online, too.

I put a link to a popular eel store here.


Enjoy delicious eels in Doyo no ushi no hi!

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