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Oshizushi box (pressed sushi mold)

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My family got a new Oshizushi box.
It is to make “Oshizushi” (pressed sushi).

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What’s Japanese Oshizushi?

Oshizushi is Japanese sushi that is pressed by sushi mold.

It looks so beautiful and delicious and I’m always happy when I get this as a souvenir.


You can buy “Oshizushi” online!

This is pressed sushi mold for Japanese Oshizushi

Of course, you can make your own Oshizushi using “pressed sushi mold”.

This is the new “pressed sushi mold” my family bought. (押し寿司型)
They have another sushi mold, but this one is bigger than the old one.

To make Oshizushi, you just need to put vinegar rice and ingredients and press them with the lid.

Rice is so sticky, so I recommend you to put wrap or cooking paper.

Trying the Oshizushi box

My family made Oshizushi using the Oshizushi box.
This was so tasty!

We used cucumber, egg, red pickled ginger, fish.
The fish is “shimesaba” we had in the fridge.

Suddenly we decided to make “Oshizushi” and we didn’t prepare for that.
But you can enjoy Oshizushi with any kind of vegetables or fish.


Try your own Oshizushi!


Next time, I will try “Kakinoha zushi”

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