Steamed clams with Sake! Recipe for Asari no sakamushi

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It’s Kinako again.

Today I’m going to share the recipe for “Asari no sakamushi”.
It’s steamed clams with sake.

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Steamed clams with Sake is delicious Japanese food!

I cooked “Asari no sakamushi” yesterday.
This is one of my favorites clam cuisines.

When you cook this, please use delicious sake!


I’m going to share the recipe!
It’s so easy!!

Ingredients for Steamed clams with sake (Asari no sakamushi)

Clams 300g

Garlic a little

Sake 100ml

Soy sauce 1 tablespoon

Butter a little

Leek if you have

Recipe for Steamed clams with sake (Asari no sakamushi)

Clean the sand out of clams!


When clams are ready, chop the garlic and put it in a frying pan with some oil.



Cook the garlic for a while and add clams.



Add sake in the frying pan and cover the lid and steam it for a while.



When the clams open, add soy sauce and butter and heat it for 20 seconds.



If you have leek, put it on top of the clams.

Steamed clams with Sake are super easy and delicious!

This cuisine is great for sake lovers.
(Even if you drink sake, this is delicious!)

It’s so easy to cook this.
When you have clams, please try this!!

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