Cherry Blossom jam recipe with Sakura petals

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Cherry Blossoms
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I’m enjoying Sakura season now.
Just looking at sakura makes me very happy.

This year, I tried a new thing.
I made cherry blossom (sakura) jam!!
I really wanted to try and cook cherry blossom jam since I found a recipe two months ago.
This time, I tried making jam a different way.
And it went well!

So I want to write the way I made Cherry blossom jam in here.

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I collected sakura petals without pesticides

We have Sakura trees (Cherry blossom trees) at our vegetable field/garden.
And some petals were already falling.
So I decided to use the cherry blossom petals for making the jam.

Another reason is our sakura trees are very safe since we never used any chemicals like pesticides to maintain or control the areas near the trees.
Using sakura petals with pesticides is scary for me.


If you try making Sakura jam in the future yourself, first make sure you can get a branch from somewhere that is allowed or from someone that owns a field with the trees and can allow you to obtain some branches or petals for your cooking process only.

Second, please try to use a safe Sakura tree free of harmful chemicals or dirty surroundings, and definitely don’t just go cut any branches or tear petals from any tree at any mountain or park since these are not yours to damage.


After we obtained some branches that were already half broken and damaged by the strong winds but not fallen yet, we cut them with basic pruning shears. For one day, we enjoyed “hanami” at home.

Ingredients for Cherry blossoms (sakura) jam

Cherry blossom (Sakura) petals 40g
Sugar 60g
Water 150ml
Cranberry juice 10ml
Apple core

cherry blossom jam recipe (sakura jam)

Wash Sakura petals gently.



Dry them naturally
Put sugar, water, and cranberry juice in a pot and heat it with low fire.



When it’s boiling, add Sakura petals and the apple core and stir it.



When the liquid is thick, it’s done.

I used apple core instead of pectin

If you have pectin, you don’t need to use apple core.
I tried apple core for the first time, and I was a bit worried, but it worked!
Take a look at this thick texture!
Even if I don’t have pectin, this is a perfect jam!

If you don’t have pectin in your house, please try apple core.
(lemon juice is okay, too)



Cherry blossom jam looks so cute!

This is the cherry blossom jam I made.

The color is cute, the taste is good and the smell is also good!


I regretted that I didn’t make Sakura jam before.

Cherry blossom jam (sakura jam) is tasty with tea

I put cherry blossom jam into a cup of tea.

It was so good.
I enjoyed it with my husband, Azuki

In the beginning, he was hesitating to eat flower petals, but when he ate the petals, he looked happy.
And I was so glad when he asked me for a refill.

Making Sakura jam is happy

This was my first time doing Sakura jam and I really love and enjoyed making it!

I want to enjoy Sakura longer so hopefully, I will do this jam next year, too!


I love Sakura tea, too

P.S. I made two different cherry blossom jams!

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