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Sakura’s tea using salt pickled cherry blossoms

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Cherry Blossoms
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Kinako here.

I heard that cherry blossom season is almost over even in Hokkaido now.
So I drank the last “Sakura tea” this year.

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Sakura tea using salt pickled cherry blossoms

This is the “Sakura tea”.
I drank this with my mother.

We used Sakura patterned “Yunomi” (cup).

Spring tableware in Japan! Sakura pattern or pink color is perfect!
It's Kinako!Do you use different tableware depending on the season?I always want to use pink color or Sakura (cherr


Sakura flowers in the cup looked so cute!!

By the way, can you imagine the taste of sakura tea?

This type of sakura tea is a bit salty because the sakura flower is pickled in salt.

What are salt-picked cherry blossoms for sakura tea?

These are the salt-pickled cherry blossoms.
I love this, and I brought it to the U.S. when I was living there.


I drank Sakura tea when I missed Japan

To make sakura tea, you just need to put some cherry blossoms into a cup and pour hot water into it.

I love the taste of sakura and the salt so much.

You can buy salt-pickled cherry blossoms online!!

You can buy these salt-pickled cherry blossoms online!

I always use this for Sakura tea, but you can use it for onigiri or dessert, too.


I enjoyed sakura tea a lot today!!
I can’t wait for next year.

Cherry Blossom jam recipe with Sakura petals
Recipe for Cherry blossom (sakura) jam using petals.

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