Chicken Nanban recipe! Delicious Japanese food

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Today I’m going to share an easy recipe for “Chicken Nanban”!
Chicken Nanban is one of the popular chicken dishes in Japan.

My husband LOVES this food, too.
There are many processes to cook this. But I always cook the easy versions.
So this time I will share the easy version of Chicken Nanban.

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What is Chicken Nanban?


Chicken Nanban is a chicken dish that was born in the 1950s in Miyazaki prefecture.
The characteristics of Chicken Nanban are the “Nanbanzu” and tartar sauce.
Nanbanzu is made of Soy sauce, Sugar, and vinegar and the sweet and sour taste fits the chicken.
Also, the tartar sauce is amazingly delicious.
If you never tried Chicken Nanban before, I really want to recommend this for today’s dinner!

Usually, you need to dip the chicken in flour, and egg and then fry it in a lot of oil.
But I don’t want to consume too much oil, and I just cook chicken with some oil in a frying pan.
And I also don’t use eggs to cover the chicken. I only use flour for that.
Because using two eggs for tartar sauce is enough.

So my Chicken Nanban recipe is an easier version. But don’t worry. The taste is so good.

Recipe for Chicken Nanban


Chicken 2

Nanbanzu (sauce)
Vinegar 3 Tablespoons
Sugar 3 Tablespoons
Soy sauce 3 Tablespoons

Tartar sauce 
Egg 2
Pickles a little (if you have)
Mayonnaise 5 or 6 Tablespoons
Parsley 2 teaspoons
Lemon juice or Rakkyo vinegar, 1 teaspoon


I sometimes use pickled Rakkyo for tartar sauce, too.


Boil eggs for tartar sauce.

chicken nanban


Cut chicken into bite-sized pieces and put flour.

chicken nanban recipe


Put some oil into a frying pan and cook the chicken.


Sometimes turn them over and cook them well.
To cook well, you can use the lid!


While you are cooking, let’s make tartar sauce. Chop onion and parsley.


Crush-boiled eggs and mix them with other ingredients.


Add mayonnaise and lemon juice (or vinegar) and make tartar sauce.

chicken nanban


When the chicken is cooked well, prepare Nanbanzu.


Put Nanbanzu into the frying pan and cook together for a while.

chicken nanban


Serve chicken on a plate and put tartar sauce.



chicken nanban

Delicious Japanese food: Chicken Nanban


I hope you will love Chicken Nanban.
But this food is high in calories. I recommend you do some exercise after eating!

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