Soybean amakara recipe | Japanese school lunch food

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soybean Food Recipes
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In Japan, we eat soybean a lot in daily life.
There are a lot of delicious soybean foods, but I’d love to share the recipe for “Soybean amakara” this time.
It’s one of my favorites, and my husband loves it, too.
The taste is like “Teriyaki”.
If you like soybean, you may like it!

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We eat Soybean amakara as a school lunch in Japan


In Japan, we usually have school lunches at schools. (Especially elementary school and junior high schools)
At my school, there’s a huge kitchen and cooks were cooking lunch for all the students and teachers.
In some schools without a kitchen for school lunches, they deliver prepared lunches.
Students usually love checking the monthly menu.

Our school lunch was like this.

There are students’ favorite menus, and “Soybean amakara” is one of them.
And of course, I loved this, too.

Now I’m going to show you how to cook “Soybean amakara”.

Recipe for soybean amakara


Soybeans boiled in plain 200~220g
Potato starch

Sugar 2 Tablespoons
Soy sauce 2 Tablespoons
Vinegar 1.5 or 2 Tablespoons

Recipe for Soybean amakara

Open the soybean package and drain it well.


Prepare the seasonings in a bowl. (Sugar and soy sauce and vinegar)


Put the soybean and cover them with potato starch. (It’s easy when you do this inside a plastic bag)


Put some oil into a frying pan and put soybeans and cook them on low heat.


Keep shaking the frying pan until each of the soybeans is cooked.



When they are cooked very well, put them into the bowl with seasoning and stir them.




Some tips to make Soybean amakara delicious

Please keep frying the soybeans until they are crunchy.  
And right after you soak soybeans into the seasoning, they are still crunchy.
It’s the best time to eat!

This time I only used soybean, but you can use chirimen-jako, too.
If you use Chirimen-jako, please add them when you put flour into soybeans, and cook them together.


Enjoy the Japanese school lunch menu!

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