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Kinpira recipe with lotus root (Japanese food)

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lotus Food Recipes
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If you are interested in typical Japanese food, I would recommend “Kinpira”.
It’s a popular dish in Japan.

So I’m going to share a recipe for “lotus root Kinpira” this time.
Most Japanese people love this!
I hope you will enjoy this, too!

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Popular Japanese food Kinpira

“Kinpira(きんぴら)” is one of the popular foods in Japan.
Kinpira is a dish cooked with shredded vegetables with soy sauce.

The most common Kinpira in Japan is “Kinpira Gobo” and as you can imagine, it has Gobo.
Kinpira Gobo was my favorite dish to cook when I started cooking by myself.

But personally, my favorite Kinpira is “Renkon Kinpira”.
It’s Kinpira with lotus root.

So let me introduce the recipe for lotus root Kinpira this time.
(I will also write about Kinpira Gobo recipe in the near future!)

Recipe for lotus root kinpira

lotus root 150g
Soy sauce 1 tablespoon
Mirin 1 tablespoon
Sesame a little
Red pepper 1
Sesame oil, a little

How to cook Kinpira with lotus root

Wash the lotus root and remove the skin.

Slice the lotus root.

lotus root

Put some sesame oil into a frying pan and put the lotus root, too.
Start cooking them on strong heat.

lotus root

When they are cooked, put them in the seasoning. (soy sauce, Mirin, Red pepper, sesame)

lotus root

Stir them for 1 minute and it’s done!

lotus root

Lotus root Kinpira is so popular in Japan


Here’s the picture of the lotus root Kinpira.
I sometimes cook this food and my family member love this!
And I’ve never met somebody who dislikes this.

This dish is perfect when you drink “Sake”, too.
If you love to drink Sake, I would recommend this lotus root Kinpira for you!

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