Food Recipes

Red bean rice porridge recipe (Japanese Azukigayu)

Today is January 15th. It's "Koshogatsu" in Japan. We eat "Azukigayu" (Red bean rice porridge) on Koshogatsu. So I'm goi...
Japanese Holiday

Kagami mochi(Japanese New Year decoration)| How to decorate it

Happy New Year!Today I'm going to talk about "Kagami mochi".Have you heard about it?If you know about Kagamimochi, do yo...
Food Recipes

Nanakusa gayu recipe! How to make rice porridge with seven herbs

It's January 7th and the day of "Nanakusa gayu" in Japan!Today I want to share a recipe for Nanakusa gayu here! Nanakusa...
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Shimenawa (handmade)! I decorated the Japanese New Year ornament

I decorated Japanese New Year ornament "Shimenawa". This time I made this from scratch. Making Shimenawa wreath and decorating it with some flowers and some other decorations were so amazing!

Shimenawa wreath! Making a New Year decoration with rice straw

Are you interested in making a New Year decoration "Shimenawa" yourself?This time, I made a Shimenawa wreath for the fir...

What’s Nanakusa gayu? Let’s learn Japanese Haru no Nanakusa (plants)

Hi! It's Kinako.Today I'm going to talk about "Nanakusa gayu".Let's learn about "Haru no Nanakusa", too! What's Nanakusa...

Yuzu yu for Toji (Winter solstice)/Japanese culture

Hi! It's Kinako.It's already December, and I can't believe that this year will be over soon. Today, I'm going to talk ab...
Food Recipes

Yuzu jam recipe| For Yuzu tea/Yogurt/Bread/Chicken

Hello!It's Kinako. I made Yuzu jam today.Yuzu usually gets bad in 2 weeks. But if you do Yuzu jam, it will last more!Her...
Food Recipes

Yuzu miso recipe | For rice/potato/Tofu/Oden

We got some Yuzu the other day.It's Yuzu season (winter season) and I decided to make Yuzu miso this time.In this articl...

Shimenawa| Making handmade Japanese New Year decorations

In your country, do you use decorations for New Year?In Japan, we decorate "Shimenawa".Now I'm making handmade Shimenawa...
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