Men’s Yukata / Jinbei stores you can buy from abroad!

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Are you interested in Japanese Yukata or Jinbei?

Maybe a lot of people don’t know, but men wear yukata in Japan.

Of course, my husband also has his own yukata and I love when he wears his Yukata.
So cool!

Today I’m going to talk about Yukata/Jinbei.

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Men wear Yukata in Japan

This is my husband’s Yukata.
We got this yukata for the fireworks show and summer festival.

In Japan, a lot of women wear yukata for the summer festival and fireworks show.
And also some men wear yukata.


In my opinion, men look very cool when they wear yukata!

Some Yukata stores can ship their products to foreign countries.

I will introduce some stores that you can buy from abroad.

Yukata/Jinbei store which can ship to foreign countries


Kimonomachi has cool men’s yukata/jinbei.

For example, this product is cool.
You can choose your favorite from 15 different patterns.


They have sizes S, M, L, LL, 3L, 4L, 5L!!

They have Jinbei, too!

Kyoto Kimono Kyokomachi

At this store, you can buy yukata with “Rakuten International shipping”.

My recommendation is this!

This product contains yukata, obi, geta, koshihimo.
So you can enjoy yukata right away!


They have M size, L size, LL seize.

Jinbei is here.

Kimonohiroba Yu

This product contains Yukata, easy obi, geta.
With this obi, even if you don’t know how to tie obi, you don’t need to worry!

They have more products, please explore their page.

Wearing yukata with a boyfriend/husband is amazing!

A lot of girls like wearing yukata with their husbands/boyfriends.
I hope you will enjoy the “Yukata date”.


Enjoy yukata life!!

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