Plum pickled in Soy sauce (Ume shoyuzuke) recipe

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If you live in Japan, you might have a chance to get Ume (plum).

Today I’d like to introduce “Plum pickled in Soy sauce (Ume shoyuzuke).
When you have ume with damage, this recipe will help you.

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Ingredients for Plum pickled in Soy sauce (Ume shoyuzuke)

Ume (plum)

Soy sauce

Recipe for Plum pickled in Soy sauce (Ume shoyuzuke)

Wash ume gently and dry them and get rid of stems.




Put the plum into the bottle. If a plum is damaged please remove that part.



Pour soy sauce to cover plums.



After 2 weeks, you can use this.

You don’t need to throw plums that have small damage

When you make “Umeboshi”, you can’t use damaged plum because mold will appear in the damaged area.

So when you are making umeboshi, if you find damaged plum, I recommend you to try and make “Plum pickled in Soy sauce” instead.

Then you don’t need to throw the precious plum anymore.

Plum pickled in Soy sauce is good for Karaage and Sashimi

When you make ”Plum pickled in Soy sauce”, please try it with Sashimi or Karaage.

The soy sauce has plum scent and you can enjoy the plum taste, too.

This would be a great seasoning for summer!

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