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Japanese Horror Movies! Introducing Japanese scary movies

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It’s Kinako.

Do you like horror movies?

I usually don’t watch horror movies, but my husband and my brother love it!
So this time I’d like to talk about “Scary Japanese Horror Movies”.


Summer is the best season for horror movies in Japan

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“RING” is one of the famous horror movies in Japan.
Everybody knows this!

If you like Japanese horror, you must know this, too.

After I watched this, I couldn’t go to the bathroom alone at night.
So if you would watch this at night, I recommend you to use the bathroom before you watch!

There’s an American version of “The Ring”, too.


Juon /2003

呪怨 劇場版

This horror movie is well known in Japan.
A woman with long hair and a pale kid would scare you!

I sometimes copy the sound of “Kayako”, but when I do that at night, I get scared.
If you want to do that, do that in the daytime.

Dark Water (Honogurai mizuno sokokara)/2002


A lot of horror fans admire this movie “Honogurai mizuno sokokara”.
Of course, my brother likes this, too.

Not only scary, a sad story.

I read that the American version is also good.

ダーク・ウォーター プレミアム・エディション (初回限定生産) [DVD]

Zane /2016


This story is about apartments, human relationships, etc…
After I watched this, I was afraid to live in an apartment!

You should not watch this alone.

Enjoy Scary Japanese Horror Movies!


I remember that I couldn’t go to the bathroom alone after I watched “Juon”.
So I asked my pet to go with me, lol

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