Wagashi | Hydrangea jelly recipe! Japanese agar sweets

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Today I made “Wagashi (Japanese sweets).
I did Hydrangea jelly after a long time!

It takes a long time to make the dessert, but it’s not difficult.
I hope you will try this in the Hydrangea season.

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Wagashi recipe! Hydrangea jelly

When I saw this wagashi in a book, I was fascinated.
It looked like real hydrangea.

So I tried it and brought it for my grandparents.
I still remember their happy smile!

This time, I did this for my mother.

Now I’m sharing the recipe.

Ingredients for Hydrangea jelly (Japanese Wagashi)

Kanten (Agar) 7.5g
Water 500ml
Shiro An (white)

Recipe for Hydrangea jelly (Japanese Wagashi)

Tear apart Kanten and boil it with water.



When Kanten dissolves in water, pour it in a vat.
(This time I used two vats)



Pour the juice into Kanten slowly and stir it very gently.
Leave it until it’s solid.



Make shiroan round shape.



Cut the Kanten into small pieces.



Put the Kanten around the shiroan.



Done! Now it’s like a real hydrangea!

I got some leaves of hydrangea

To decorate the wagashi, I used real hydrangea leaves.
These are from the front yard.

If you don’t have Hydrangea, you don’t need to use a leaf.
But if you have, it would be a perfect decoration!

Perfect Wagashi for Hydrangea season!

Putting small pieces of kanten to shiroan takes a long time.
But it’s not difficult.


Doing this is so fun, and you can try making this Wagashi with kids as well, So I hope you will try it one day!

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