How to make Yaki onigiri(Japanese food)

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Hi, it’s Kinako!
Today, my husband tried “Yaki onigiri” for the first time.

It was super delicious!
I’d like to introduce how to make Yaki onigiri.

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Ingredientes for Yaki onigiri

rice 300g
mentsuyu 2table spoon
sesame oil 1tea spoon
soy sauce

How to make Yaki onigiri

1. Put rice and mentsuyu and sesame oil inside a bowl and stir it.
2. Form the rice into a triangle (onigiri shape).

3. Put some oil in the frying pan and fry onigiri (both sides).

4.When the onigiri has a light brown color, put soy sauce on the surface.

5.fry onigiri again for a while.

Another seasoning is okay for yaki onigiri

This time, I introduce my way of “yaki onigiri”.
But there are some different ways, too.
Some people just fry normal onigiri(without adding seasoning).
That’s tasty, too.

I usually put soy sauce on the surface of onigiri, but another seasoning is also good!

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