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I bought a washable kimono made of polyester

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kimono Life
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Have you ever heard about kimono made of polyester?
This time, I decided to buy one.

So, I’d love to share my opinion about the “polyester kimono” with some pictures.

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What is the advantage to wear polyester kimono?

Polyester kimono has some strong points.
Here are the characteristics of the polyester kimono.

1. Reasonable
2. Washable
3. Wrinkle resistant


Let me explain them one by one.

1 Polyester kimono is reasonable

Usually, Kimono is not affordable.
But polyester kimono is reasonable.
If you want to buy a lot of different kimonos, polyester kimono is convenient.

2 Polyester kimono is washable

Generally, you need to bring the kimono to the dry cleaner after you wear it. Because the kimono is very delicate and stains might appear later.
So some people might think, “Kimono is an inconvenience!”.

But polyester kimono is different.
You can wash it at home and so easy to treat it!

3 Polyester kimono doesn’t wrinkle easily

Polyester kimono doesn’t wrinkle compare to other materials.
So even if you fold the kimono to bring it for a trip, you don’t need to worry about wrinkles a lot.

What does the polyester kimono look like?


This is the polyester kimono I bought.
There are a lot of Sakura patterns with no embroidery.

Let’s look at this closer.


This kimono doesn’t look bad, right?
To be able to imagine wearing the polyester kimono, I’ll show you a picture of me in it.


What do you think about this kimono?

When I first tried this, I was surprised that this kimono didn’t look cheap.
Of course, this doesn’t look so expensive either, but I’m so satisfied with this as a casual kimono.

What is the texture of the polyester kimono?


I guess some people want to know about the texture of the polyester kimono.

I thought it was a bit slippery because it’s polyester.
So you might notice the difference if you always wear kimono made of silk or other material.

But I could put on this kimono with no problem.
That’s why, please, don’t worry.

The store you can get polyester kimono from abroad

Now, are you interested in wearing a washable kimono made of polyester?
There are some online stores you can buy polyester kimono from abroad and I will tell you about one of them this time.

About international shipping service, here’s their web page for the information.

Polyester kimono with necessary items

This polyester kimono comes with all the necessary items to wear kimono.
For example, “Hada-juban” (inner wear), “Naga-juban”(something you wear after “Hada-juban”), “Tabi”(socks for kimono).

So even if you don’t have any kimono items, you don’t need to worry about it.
Plus, this time this product comes with a DVD to teach you how to wear kimono and how to fold the kimono. You can also learn how to tie “Obi”, too.

I would recommend you this product for people who don’t have kimono items yet.
Here’s the link for the polyester kimono with all the necessary items.

Polyester kimono with 3 other items

This product comes with ”Obo”, “Obiage”, “Obijime”.

If you don’t know what Obiage and Obijime are, take a look at the picture.

The white fabric on the Obi is called “Obiage”.
And the pink rope on the Obi is “Obijime”.
They are so cute, aren’t they?

If you want to order this product, click and go shopping!

Polyester kimono with other items

This product contains a polyester kimono and Obi.
If you have other items, this product is enough to wear!

Polyester kimono for men with necessary items

This product is for men.
It contains all the necessary items to wear kimono.

If this is the first trial to wear kimono, I would recommend this product.
You can choose the color you like.

Polyester kimono for men with obi

This product contains men’s kimono and obi.

Washable polyester kimono is useful!

I hope you know about polyester kimono now.
It is my first polyester kimono, but I thought this is perfect for a casual occasion.

If you are interested in wearing washable kimono, please check the products!

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